Popunderwear was founded in 2019 when co-founders Jessika Dénommée & Vahinée Lefebvre were looking for comfy, busty underwear, but couldn't find anything that suited their needs. When the two young entrepreneurs identified a gap in an otherwise saturated market, they seized the opportunity to create the underwear of their dreams!

Jessika has a strong background in marketing having collaborated with major brands such as Molson, Bacardi, Alsace wine, and many others. Regarding her business partner, Vahinée completed her university studies in business management. Pooling together their skills, combined with their long-standing friendship, they decided to make their biggest dreams come true: launch their own business.

And while still in its infancy, having been established little more than a year ago, Pop Underwear continues to grow at breakneck speeds; both founders attribute the success of their brand to the devotion they show to include all women of all size, whatever their age, ethnicity or body type, so that they feel radiant wherever, whenever. 

It is therefore with pride that we invite you to shop our plain sets, which are proudly manufactured here in Quebec, or our funky patterned sets which are manufactured overseas.

POP Underwear, created for women, by women.